There are many moments in our lives when we stop and think about how a younger version of ourselves would’ve handled the situation. There are also times when you would’ve been asked or would’ve asked ‘what advice would you give sixteen year old you?’ Recently I was awarded the luxury of finding a diary I had written when I was of that age. In a way I read it back and realise that at sixteen, I needed the twenty-one year old me to help them, I find myself reading snippets that I would read from a teenager now and criticise. It makes me question, how many of us would recognise who we were at that age? How many of us can see that in today’s youth and be repelled by it? 
I’ve given this a lot of thought over the week because in a previous post I’ve stated how life simply happens and whilst that’s true, life has already happened. In the year of 2012 I was finishing high school and I thought I knew what was important. For others in that position I’ve received similar answers, but what would you really like to tell teenage you? It’s a universally acknowledged truth that we’re all a million worlds apart from who we were in high school. As I spoke to friends throughout the week I received answers as far and few between as “I would tell myself to never be scared to push your own boundaries because you can’t LIVE life when you never leave your comfort zone, that and crimping your hair is not a good look and it should be left in the past” and simply to “fuck off”. 

The conversations we have with ourselves are probably more important than those we have with others. It’s about giving yourself time to adapt, realise that four years ago you weren’t the same person and four years from now you’ll be unrecognisable to yourself. I know that if I had the opportunity to sit myself down at fifteen I would have more than a few words to say.
Dear me, 

You won’t always feel down or angry, that will all fade in time as long as you let it. Take time for yourself, it’s ok that you don’t have all the answers but you do have some and you just need to take a breather and think for a moment. You’re going to meet people that you couldn’t imagine your life with out, some that you still can’t. In a short while you’ll meet a certain someone that changes everything, this person will give you something to look forward to if a weekend and they’ll create the best adventure of your life. That in itself is worth sticking around for. 

You’re going to be okay. Keep reminding yourself of that and stay positive. It is impossible to live your life on the back foot and that’s something you need to learn sooner rather than later. You’re going to find yourself in a dark place more than once but it’s only going to be temporary. You’ve got this, I promise. 

Sincerely, Me. 


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