Every once in a while, life happens. Now when I define life I sit and think about the physicality of the situation, we live we die we wake up every morning and go to work or run off to school but life happens every day in the most unexpected of places. 
A fiend of mine experienced something over the weekend that was unthinkable for most people, without sounding too serious, life happened. As I prepared myself and dealt with the severity of the situation I couldn’t shake the feeling that wether it was part of my story or not, it was my responsibility. Waking up on Sunday morning with a handful of messages and contacts from people that thought I knew more than I did opened my eyes to the fact that life, albeit unexpected and irrevocable, can happen at any point. As you walk down the street and pass a stranger waiting for a bus, you may not think of it but life is happening to them. They are waiting for a phone call from a doctor, they might be preparing for a wedding or they may even be on their way to attend a funeral, the point is that life happens. It’s unstoppable. 

Life happens at 6 in the morning when you wake up and can’t decide wether or not you want to go into work. Life happens when you get a phone call you wish you didn’t or when you hear the words that create a lump in your throat. When you cry for no reason or when you lose or feel pain. Life happens when the rent is due and you have to miss a payment or when you go to work and navigate a difficult situation. Life happens when you simply have nothing left to give. 

I often sit and wonder what if this life isn’t mine? What if my life was being written by somebody else? Like I’m trapped in their mind and I wasn’t doing stupid shit because I’m sick, but rather they are? When life happens you have to question the reasons why. You ask yourself if I’m being punished, you ask other people if you deserve it but the truth is, and as insensitive as it sounds the majority of the time there is no reason. 

Life happens, it just does and there is nothing you can do about it. But Life also happens when you laugh so hard that you cry and you thank god that you’re surrounded by the people you are. When you have a conversation with a stranger who brightens your day in the cue at Tesco and you repeat the interaction to your friends and family. Life happens when you find a ten pound note in a jacket you haven’t worn in a while or someone notices that you’ve changed your hair. When you hug someone or when you fall in love again. When life happens for a second time, all of the bad stuff melts away for just a moment and it all becomes worth it again. 

There may be nothing you can do to stop it but you can always change the outcome. Smile at strangers, revel in your hobbies and things your passionate about. Make life happen and tackle it head on, you’ll get over it and you’ll be ok. 


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